Gratitude, Vol. I

by Comfort Monk



We recruited several artists to record covers of guests from the Comfort Monk podcast. A spontaneous collaborative project that far surpassed our expectations. Thank you so much to all involved. This is Gratitude Volume One.


released May 21, 2020

“Taking Away the Fire”
Written by Kira Roessler
Ray Barbee - analog synths, loops, guitar, bass (recorded at home in long beach ca.)
Rachel Ann Rainwater - vocals (recorded at home in santa ana ca.)
Chuck Treece - drums (recorded by David Ivory at Ivory Productions in Philadelphia)
Produced by Ray Barbee, mixed by Carlos de la Garza in Eagle Rock CA (at Music Friend Studio)
Rachel Ann Rainwater - @bellaroi

Written by Paul Westerberg
Dylan Dickerson - 12 String, Vocals, Piano, Drums
Cam Powell - Bass
Alex McCollum - Guitar
Marshall Brown - Acoustic
Recorded by Marshall and Alex at their homes. Mixed by Alex.

Written by Eric Slick
Steve Sancho - Drums
Marshall Brown - Everything else

“Solid Gold”
Written by Nicky Barclay
Kate Pyritz - vocals & bgv
Jared Pyrtiz - guitar, bells, bgv, organ
Evan Simmons - drums, perc, organ
Patrick Funk - guitar
Albert Knuckley - bass, bgv
Thomas Hammond - sax
Drums recorded at Jam Room by Zach Thomas, all other instruments recorded at home by Jared Pyritz, Mixed by Jared and Evan

Written by Amelia Meath
Eric Slick - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Recorded at Strange America

Written by Robyn Hitchcock
Andrei Mihailovic - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming (recorded in Charleston, SC)

"Fully Persuaded"
Written by Ray Barbee
Pete Mazich - synth organ/synth piano
Jerry Trebotic - electronic drums (not programmed)
Mike Watt - bass
Recorded at three separate pads in San Pedro, CA in the last couple days of april, 2020
Mixed + produced by Mike Watt

“O My Soul”
Written by Alex Chilton
Brian Robert Hannon plays Garageband
Recorded and mixed @ Stem Point by Brian Robert Hannon
Instagram: @beeee_side

Written by Brandon Hagen
Performed by

“Cry, Cry”
Written by Grant-Lee Phillips
Jeremy Davis - Guitar, Vocal, Bass, Conga, Tambourine, Shaker
Recorded and mixed by me in my home studio.

Written by Andrew Wilson
Eddie Newman - synthesizers, drum programming

“Can’t Hardly Wait”
Written by Paul Westerberg
Played by fabulous Bird:
Peter Alvanos: Guitars/drums/tambo/vocals
Sascha Smith: Bass
All parts except bass recorded at Nick’s Superette
Sascha Smith recorded bass and mixed the song at Leonard’s Room

“It’s All Up To You”
Written By Greg Ginn
Recorded by Soggy Origami, May 2020, Aiken SC

“History Lesson/Big Lounge Scene/History Lesson--Part II”
Written by D. Boon/Mike Watt
Performed, recorded, and mixed by Ned Brash at Cindy House.
Instagram: @secretguestband

Written by Lisa Walker
Colter Lutz-Drums (recorded at his home in Austin, TX)
Pat Mertens- Vocals, 12 string guitar, acoustic guitar, Slide Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass
Recorded and Mixed by Pat Mertens at Tiny Crack House Studios in LA

Cover photo: Margaret Bauknight
Cover Layout/Graphic Design - Alex McCollum
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